Introduction (Assoc. Prof. Patric Giesler)
           Dissociation in Brazilian Spiritist mediumship (Prof. Stanley Krippner)
           Spirit mediums in Hong Kong & the US (Prof. Charles F. Emmons)
           Spiritualism in Quebec (Prof. Deirdre Meintel)
           The experience of mediumship in Cuban Spiritism (Dr. Diana Espirito Santo)
           Past-life and inter-life regression therapists as mediators of a new form of religion (Dr. Fiona Bowie)
           Neo-Pentecostalism vs. spirit mediumship in Brazil (Dr. Bettina Schmidt)
           Becoming a medium in UK spiritualism (Dr. Hannah Gilbert)
           The phenomenology of spirit mediumship (Dr. Elizabeth Roxburgh)
           Mediumship and psi among ayahuasca users in South America (Dr. David Luke)
           Trance and physical mediumship in the UK (Jack Hunter, PhD student)
           Spirit mediumship in popular Chinese Religion (Fabian Graham, PhD student)
           Spirit mediumship in the Vale do Amanhecer, Brazil (Emily Pierini, PhD student)
           Internet mediated psychic readings (Tamlyn Ryan, PhD student)


Jack Hunter
Jack Hunter received a degree in Archaeology & Anthropology from the University of Bristol. His dissertation concerned  the practice of contemporary trance and physical mediumship in Bristol. He is currently working towards an MA in the study of religious experience with the University of Wales in Lampeter. He is also seeking funding to commence PhD research with the University of Bristol in October 2010.


David Luke
David Luke, PhD, is Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Greenwich where he teaches an undergraduate course on the Psychology of Exceptional Human Experiences. As a writer and researcher he has a special interest in altered states of consciousness and he has studied ostensibly paranormal phenomena and techniques of consciousness alteration from South America to India, from the perspective of scientists, shamans and Shivaites. He lives life on the edge, of Hackney in London.